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3D bike shop

Our custom bikes are practical, affordable, and meant to make you smile. So we encourage you to play. Take a spin, twirl and zoom in our 3D Bike Shop. Experiment with something outrageous or keep it muted.  Keep designing until you're ready, and we'll build your dream into a two-wheeled, rolling reality.  Give it a spin.

We also extend our built by us & you designs to certain corporate customers needing something as unique as they are.  Check out some of our corporate and promotional programs.  Also, take a look at some of the attention we've received by leaving the designing up to you.

your canvas

Whether you're looking for a minimal, contemporary silhouette, or something a little more extravagant, your design starts here:

Aristotle   Aristotle Mixte   Aristotle
Aristotle® Fixie
Singlespeed/Fixed Gear Bike ($399)
  Aristotle® Mixte Fixie
Singlespeed/Fixed Gear Bike ($399)
  Aristotle® Dutch Step-thru
Dutch bike with fixie style ($399)
design your own   design your own   design your own

Plato Dutch Step-thru   Plato Dutch Diamond   Socrates Cargo Bike
Plato® Dutch Step-thru
1-speed ($399)
3-speed ($499)
  Plato® Dutch Diamond
1-speed ($399)
3-speed ($499)
  Socrates® Cargo
3-speed ($699)
design your own   design your own   design your own

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