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The satisfying spirit of the Dutch ride is upright and relaxed, practical and pleasant ... and Plato agrees. The Plato Dutch bicycle is designed as a mix of retro styling and modern twists because a dose of whimsy arouses just the right attitude for this bike. For the Plato, being Dutch is about your pose, and our Dutch bicycle is designed to let you sit upright, chest lifted, head high. Its a graceful act, and Plato radiates joy with every revolution. So whether you're looking to spread the mirth on your commute or carry home that load in style, hop on, grip those swept-back bars and ride.

A customizable Dutch bicycle with a unisex step-thru frame, Plato®'s whimsy and class balance charm and elegance. Plato is available as 1-speed or 3-speed.
Plato® Dutch Diamond is a customizable diamond version of our Plato Dutch bike. Plato is available as 1 or 3-speed.

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